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Spiritual Life at Childhaven

From it’s very inception, Childhaven has been a Chrisitan agency.  In fact, the idea of establishing Childhaven was born from an article in a church bulletin, where the preacher dreamed of establishing a children’s home in Alabama that would be associated with the Churches of Christ!  From that humble beginning, the wheels began to turn that led to the founding of Childhaven, Inc.  Today, Childhaven’s association with the Churches of Christ is stronger than ever.  The vast majority of our funding comes from within the church community. Every board member, employee, and foster parents are faithful Christians, as required by our charter.  Our reason for being is spiritual!

Childhaven’s Mission statement reads:

    “Childhaven exists to bring every child into a lifelong relationsip     with God through His Son, Jesus the Christ, by meeting that     child’s every need.”  

Our mission statement speaks to the heart of Childhaven.  To help build faith in our children, Childhaven sews the seeds of faith by:
* Every house parent is a faithful Christian
* Children attend Bible School and Worship Services “every time the door is open!”
* A full time Campus Minister holds group and individual Bible Studies, coordinates activities with congregations, provides spiritual counseling to the children and their families, and serves as an activities director.
* Childhaven works very closely with the Cullman Church of Christ, where all of our campus attends.  Among the Childhaven family, you will find Bible School teachers, elders, deacons, youth leaders, and a host of volunteers for all kinds of church functions! 

An average of nearly twenty responses to the Gospel per year has taken place at Childhaven.