About Childhaven:


Childhaven is a Christian Children’s Home, serving children / youth who are in need of a safe, Christian, family like environment that is designed to transform their lives.  Faith building is at the core of our existence, and each resident will be actively involved in the life of the church.  Our campus includes programs serving teen Moms and their babies, maternity clients, and girls ages fourteen and older.  

Childhaven is licensed by the Alabama Department of Human Resources.  For more information about our programs, history, listen to testimonials, and for lots of other information, please explore this site!   Currently, Childhaven is a female only facility.  


Placement Brochure: 


Click here for Private Placement Brochure.  “How Can Childhaven Help My Child?”


Living at Childhaven: 

  • Our homes are staffed by live – in house parents, we do not utilize shift workers.  Our program is designed to provide a home - like setting for our residents.
  • Each home can serve up to eight residents, with no more than two residents to a room.  Most of our residents have roommates.  
  • Many of our residents attend the Cullman City School System, one of the finest in our state.  A few residents are enrolled in GED classes, and older residents attend our local Junior College.  Childhaven has a tutoring program, and we offer GED classes on campus.  
  • Each resident will have house responsibilities, and is required to clean their rooms, and is responsible of various housekeeping duties, usually on a rotating basis.  
  • Each resident receives life skills training, ranging from money management classes, too learning how to cook, clean, and do laundry!
  • Each resident has a Childhaven social worker, and Childhaven also has a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Campus Minister on staff.    



Childhaven Admissions Guidelines: 


We accept children / youth: 

  • Between ages 14 – 21
  • Accept Teen Moms / babies, and Teen maternity clients 
  • Who do not require residential substance abuse treatment
  • Who are not harmful to themselves or others
  • Who are not involved with the juvenile justice system for violent crimes
  • Who have an IQ of 70 or above 
  • Who can meet the behavioral expectations of a group home setting 
  • Who have a legal guardian / parent who can continue to make decisions and can participate in family reunification efforts  


To Learn More and to Refer a Child: 

  • Questions?  Contact intake:
    • Email:  referrals.childhaven@gmail.com
    • Click here for an application
    • Phone:  256-734-6720, ask for intake! 
    • Click here for Application  
      • Please read application carefully as it provides important information on what documentation / forms are needed.
      • Referrals must be made by child / youth’s parents or legal custodian / guardian.  
  • Once an application has been completed, it will be reviewed by the intake team.  This team includes social workers, Director of Social Services, Licensed Professional Counselor, and can include the Executive Director.  
    • Once a decision is made, you will immediately be notified.  
    • If the decision is positive, a pre - placement visit will be scheduled for the youth and parents / guardian 
  • Decisions are made without regard to race, ethnic or religious background.  
  • As the number of approved applicants sometimes exceeds the number of spaces available, a youth and / or family’s motivation and receptiveness to intervention are critical factors in making placement decisions.